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Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is renowned for its exceptional range of landmarks, vibrant cultural scene and way of life that's somehow all go yet relaxed.
In fact, the city is best known for its striking contrasts. Historical buildings stand alongside modern architecture as the past and present intermingle. The sights Berlin has to offer, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Chancellor's Office, bear witness to the history of an entire nation. Germany's capital is home to all the main government buildings, including the historical Reichstag building as the seat of the German parliament. Berlin is the city of art, artists and museums. In fact, precious artefacts from all over the world are showcased at more than 170 museums here, some of which can be found on the internationally renowned Museum Island. Berlin is a popular destination for classical music fans from every corner of the globe thanks to its leading orchestras, such as the globally popular Berlin Philharmonic, and the city's three huge opera houses, where spectacular operas and ballets are performed. Shopaholics are in their element on the renowned Kurfürstendamm, on the elegant Friedrichstraße and in the independent boutiques around the Hackesche Höfe. Berlin is not only a trendsetting city but Germany's greenest too. 
With sprawling parks, wooded areas and lakes, Berlin's sunny days and balmy evenings are best enjoyed in the beer gardens, cafés, open-air cinemas and theatres.
Situated in what was once the militarised “death strip” of the Berlin Wall (or Mauer) that divided East and West, Mauerpark is now a social, cultural, and artistic center of the city. 
It is the perfect place for a bbq in the park, there is a  large flea-market with secondhand products and many people gather around live bands playing at random spots in the park. But the greatest thing the Mauerpark has to offer on Sundays is probably the Bearpit Karaoke. 
Here people of all kinds gather and sing in the outdoor stone amphitheatre, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. It started small in 2009 but has become one of the main attractions in Berlin during the summer.
Janine's Pick
Spreewald is a biosphere reserve and forest located in Brandenburg, southeast of Berlin. Spreewald (“Spree Forest” in English) is famous for its winding canals, traditional Sorbian villages, and spa resorts. It’s one of the best day trips from Berlin for anyone who loves nature and wants a taste of traditional Germany.
What makes Spreewald special is over 200 canals traversing more than 276 kilometers, which you can navigate by traditional punting boat (called Spreewaldkahn), kayak, or canoe. The total length of all channels, rivers, and streams is over 1,500 kilometers.
As you glide through the water, you’ll find over 6,000 species of plants and animals inhabiting Spreewald’s meadows, forests, wetlands, and marshes. It’s a really beautiful places to take a break from the city!
Adam's Pick
Literally translated as ‘the devil’s mountain’, Teufelsberg is a man-made hill located in the north of Grünewald forest in Berlin. It is a cold-war relic built upon a halfway-constructed former Nazi military school. Partially destroyed by the Allies after the second World War, it was covered up by war-rubble. After, the Americans and British built a listening- and intelligence-gathering station right on top of it to spy on the Soviet and East German communication.
After the Cold War, the site was considered by real estate companies as a space to develop luxury flats; and later it was sought after by David Lynch to create a meditation retreat. None of this ended up happening, however, and today the listening station has become a temple for graffiti and street art and boasts some impressive views from the top.
There are few places where your morning jog or Sunday lunch plans take you to the abandoned runways and sprawling tarmac of a decommissioned airfield. But here in Berlin, Tempelhofer Feld, a 953-acre airport-turned-public park, has become a playground that embodies the city that holds it.
Tempelhof (as the former airport was known) has played a starring role in some of Europe's deepest horrors and greatest triumphs. It's where the past, present and future of the city constantly converse and negotiate with each other. You go to the Brandenburg Gate or Berlin Wall to see Berlin, but you go to Tempelhof to fall in love with it.
Ava's Pick
The Liepnitzsee near Wandlitz is one of the most popular swimming lakes for Berliners and at the same time one of the cleanest lakes in all of Brandenburg. The deep blue, idyllic forest lake is only eight kilometers from the city limits. How deep it really is is controversial and almost a myth: the information ranges from 16 to 70 meters. Bonus points if you can dive and find Adam's lost phone.
A perfect spot to relax, swim and standup paddle (take our board) and a must do for a typical Berlin summer experience.
*Must take Ava.
Dear guests from Australia, on the linked page we have put together some useful information for your overland trip.​​​​​​​
The best way to get around in Berlin is by foot or by bike. But the public transport is pretty good too. You can get almost anywhere in the city with one or with a combination of the options. Luckily you can book transport tickets and hire vehicles all in one handy app.
You will need to set up an account but you can use your Australian residential address. For the payment details, it's best to use the Paypal option as we've experienced problems with international credit cards.
You will also have to verify your identity by uploading your passport but don't worry this is a government app so your data should be safe.
You'll notice on the streets there are various brands of E-bikes & Scooters. You can download the individual apps for each brand but in Berlin the Jelbi App combines all of them into one. You'll also notice the options to book car sharing and moped services however unfortunately you'll need a EU identity card and drivers licenses for these.
Please note, this app is for Berlin only. If you travel elsewhere in Germany you'll need to find the specific apps. 
If apps are too much hassle you can always pay for public transport tickets at the train stations or on the buses & trams but to take advantage of the E-bikes & Scooters you'll need an app.
If you intend to hire a car with companies like Europcar, Hertz, Sixt etc. you don't require an international drivers licence and can use your Australian license just fine.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Janine's Pick
When travelling throughout Germany and to parts of the EU its best to make use of the train and bus network. It's a good idea to reserve a seat because sometimes they can get quite full - try to book the seats with a table. They also all have wifi onboard.
Deutsche Bahn​​​​​​​
Cost effective flights for within Europe. 
Another cost effective airline but has more deals to and from the UK.
Getting around Berlin with Google maps works great but just make sure you put in the correct postcode for the address you're trying to get to. There are multiple streets with the same name so you might end up on the other side of the city if you're not careful.
(It's happened to us on multiple occasions)
Our apartment is situated in the suburb of Prenzlauerberg and only two tram stops south to the Alexanderplatz U-Bahn and three stops north to the S-Bahn, S41 & S42 city ring. There are plenty of accomodation options close by and we've listed a few below. The Polterabend will take place in our building so being able to walk home could be a good idea but feel free to widen your search if you would like to.
Our address is:
 Greifswalder Str. 8, 10405 Berlin
This hotel is a relaxed retreat in the middle of the lively city, your home between shopping and partying! 
There are a few different room options available and the hotel is quite budget friendly. There is no restaurant and therefore no breakfast provided but there are breakfast options nearby and our kitchen is right next door.
Greifswalder Str. 6-7, 10405 Berlin
Ph: +49 30 515 667 0
(literally next door to us)
This hotel is located in a typical old Berlin building in the Prenzlauer Berg district. It is in close proximity to Alexanderplatz. From this transport hub you have connections in all directions. Many of Berlin's sights can also be reached on foot.
The hotel offers 11 single, 12 double and 4 triple rooms. All rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, television. They offer free drinks 24/7 such as: coffee, tea and water. You will also find numerous restaurants, cafés and cozy bars in the neighbourhood.
Greifswalder Str. 3, 10405 Berlin
Ph: +49 30 628 558 88
(almost next door)
At the heart of the city – and yet in the middle of the countryside. The Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Berlin offers just the right combination for people who want experiences or need relaxation. Situated directly opposite the Friedrichshain Public Park, it is the perfect starting point for exciting shopping and discovery tours around the much-loved metropolis, but also for switching off in a relaxed ambience.
A typical hotel experience with a restaurant, breakfast and a bar.
Am Friedrichshain 17, 10407 Berlin
Ph: +49 30 21914-0
(around the corner from us)
This hotel is located on the vibrant Greifswalder Straße, just two stops or a 15-minute walk from Alexanderplatz, the historic center of Berlin. Despite this central location, our rooms are in a very quiet backyard with an old Berlin flair. Spread over 5 floors with communal washrooms and lockable showers and toilets, we offer everything you need for your short stay to get to know Berlin in all its facets.
A budget option with shared bathroom facilities.
Greifswalder Str. 225, 10405 Berlin
Ph: +49 30 41725729
(across the road from us)
A visit to Berlin wouldn't be right without tasting the iconic flavours of the city. The essential top three are:
Döner Kebab
Currywurst & Pommes

Berliner Doughnut

Put these on your list!
Janine's Pick
The 'go to' place for teenage Janine and still a great place for breakfast or brunch. The best homemade waffles in Berlin topped with a selection of delicious homemade toppings and ice cream. Vegan waffles are also available and they also have other breakfast options. 
Inside the shop there is also a range of ceramics, candles and other house decor that may catch your eye.
Oderberger Str. 44. 10435 Berlin
Ph: 0130 48623292
Super cheap Sudanese sandwich joint with the freshest falafel and the best peanut sauce. Great for hangovers and plenty of vegetarian options on the menu as well.
Greifswalder Str. 26, 10405 Berlin
Ph: 01738 128 741
Delicious authentic tacos with a large selection of chilli sauces.
*Must take Daniel & Krissi
Schönhauser Allee 176C. 10119 Berlin
Adam's Pick
For the Aussies who just need a typical Australian brunch this is the place to go. It's very hard to get a table on the weekend so booking is essential. 
*Highly recommend the bogan ice tea.​​​​​​​
Rykestraße 13. 10405 Berlin
Delicious wood-fired Neapolitan pizza's with creative toppings.
Oderberger Str. 61. 10435 Berlin
Ph: 03047009602
happy travels,​​​​​​​
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